Target, are you kidding me?

Creativity / Featured / September 28, 2008

Last Wednesday night, I drove my daughter to soccer practice. I glanced over at the passenger seat of our minivan to see the latest in design excellence from Target. I’m always impressed with the innovative ways that the creative geniuses of Target uniquely brand their product. They typically inspire me.

So I found this latest piece of work. I honestly cannot believe that Target produced this creative piece!

Anyway, this was the cover for the direct mail booklet that we received at our house (notice the baby’s head):

Okay, now this picture was the first image you see as you open the booklet (again, notice the baby’s head):

Is it just me, or is the baby’s head cut out and pasted on backward? Seriously Target, are you kidding me?

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Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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on September 29, 2008

Seriously! That is such a blatant Ps job! It’s almost spooky, the way the 2nd head is positioned. I can’t keep looking at it, yet I can’t stop looking at it!

on September 30, 2008

Um, yeah, that’s nutty. Although I’ve seen a few babies lately, in person, that I would swear are being Photoshopped by tiny elves, even as I look at them.

on December 15, 2008

I, for one, think it is awesome.

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