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Posted on Mar 18, 2013 |

St. Patrick’s Day Mind Dump

St. Patrick’s Day Mind Dump

It’s time for a special St. Patrick’s Day edition of Monday Mind Dump. Here we go:

  • The Green Gestapo were out in full force yesterday – “Seriously people, I’m not wearing green. No need to draw blood.”
  • I really missed my wife this weekend.
  • Can’t wait for Saturday’s Kinetic Worship release concert (keep tickets at and to see my good friend Jon McCallon who coming to town from Louisville.
  • The new gorilla cage inspired tire swing is no joke. I wonder wish kid will be the first to the ER. (thanks for keeping me redneck Justin Evans – the neighbors love it)
  • I think more preachers should talk about hell. We easily forget that the stakes are so high.
  • Laura Mulholland and Lori Jackson stepped up during backstage service in a huge way yesterday. Thanks for taking one for the team. You guys are fantastic.
  • Neighbor Mugging is happening across Charlotte this week. We still have about 280 mugs to go and one more week to make it happen.

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