Noah vs. Cinnamon

Life / November 2, 2007

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the myth about swallowing an entire teaspoon of cinnamon.  The myth indicates that the feat is impossible. Do a youtube search and you’ll find a million demonstrations “proving” that it cannot be done.

Anyway, last night, Noah was noodlin around in our spice cabinet; randomly wanting something that tasted “cinnamony.” Sometimes, I don’t know what gets into him.

That’s when I made a gigantic mistake and challenged Noah to disprove the myth of swallowing an entire teaspoon of cinnamon for a $50.00 cash prize from my personal allowance.  It was like an intense episode of Mythbusters. I was incredibly confident. After all, I am a 13 year youth ministry veteran. I knew that he would never be able to swallow an entire teaspoon. The bet was a sure thing.

The challenge was accepted and the family quickly gathered around to watch the main event.

We loaded the teaspoon with a heaping pile of cinnamon. It was a slow motion moment. The entire spoon entered Noah’s month and came back clean.

We held our breath and waited for a blowout of cinnamon powder exploding from his mouth.  No luck. With pure will and desire to win, Noah clamped his mouth closed, until every hint of cinnamon had been swallowed. AMAZING!

Today, I am $50.00 poorer but have a final verdict on the Teaspoon of Cinnamon myth:  BUSTED!

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Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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on November 4, 2007

Way togo Noah! Next time tell your Dad double or nothing!

on November 5, 2007

Actually, I tried to go “double or nothing.” It didn’t work.

He said, “Dad, I’m gonna walk away a winner…so, no!”

I really wanted my money back.

on November 5, 2007

Way to go, Noah! Dave, where do you come up with these ideas? From your Dad?

on November 5, 2007

Wow! Noah is a trooper! jake and i read this and laughed. I miss you soooo much! I am now a Macbook owner. Send me your ichat names so i can talk/ see you!

on November 5, 2007

Dave, what were you thinking?! Haha!

on November 5, 2007

my AIM name for ichat is “creativenoodlin”

on November 7, 2007

You can’t blame me for son’s foolish ideas. Certainly, it couldn’t be genetic – or could it?

on November 8, 2007

Let me just clear up that last comment. Foolish ideas are ABSOLUTELY GENETIC!!

Love you Dad!

on November 14, 2007

Dave, I have a way to win your money back. Myth # 2, It is impossible to drink a gallon of whole milk in 1 hour. Myth # 3 It is impossible to eat 8 saltine crackers in 2 minutes. It sounds like Noah could succeed.

We saw the treehouse in the article. It is awesome. Miss you guys! The Keen’s

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