New iPhone brings Apple to its knees

Headline / Life / July 11, 2008

So, I jumped in my car and drove the the SouthPark Apple store to purchase my brand new 3G iPhone. I’ve been so excited for this moment. I arrived at 6:45 AM with a two liter of diet coke and cash in hand. How exciting! I was greeted by Apple’s team cheering on the early arrivers. It has actually be a pretty exciting experience. (seriously)

Well, after wait for the 60 or so people in front of me to make it through the line, at about 9:30 AM, I finally get the thrill of walking into the Apple store. The transaction goes incredibly smoothly. I pay my money, they deactivate my Motorola Razor, then off to activation around 10:00 AM.

I unwrapped my glorious new purchase (the angels are singing) and plugged my new phone into the Apple Store iMac to activate.


After about 15 minutes of my iPhone attempting to activate, we get word that the AT&T server has crashed. No more iPhone activations and NO MORE iPHONE SALES!  Here’s the kicker…there are about 200 people waiting in line behind me who’ve also had the dream of owning a 3G iPhone. THEY HAVE STOPPED SELLING 3G IPHONES!!!! (at least for the past hour)

So, here I sit in the Apple Store, posting a blog about this amazing experience. (still waiting for my phone to activate…and it’s been over an hour.) Here’s the crazy news: if I unplug my phone to take it home, they tell me it’s possible that the phone is partly activated and unplugging it could create issues. ARGH!!

So now…no cell phone and no iPhone…stuck in the Apple store.  I guess it could be worse…I could be stuck in a Dell store.

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Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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on July 11, 2008

This obsession is just sickening! And so impressive at the same time. Glad you got your new phone, Dave.

on July 11, 2008

iLive, iLearn, iPraise, iWonder, iSing, iBelieve, iLove, iPray. Apple has the potential to create a wonderful line of products…if we don’t beat them to it!

But, because that is only the good side of me,
iDoubt, iSin, iAngry, iPhat, iSlack, iSpeed, iWorry.

iGiveup! iAudi5000.

on July 11, 2008

Tell me about it! This is the culmination of one year of delayed gratification. Kinda glad he finally got it too! ithink….

on July 13, 2008

Congrats on the new iPhone. I too have been waiting over a year for this to come. I tried and failed to get one on Friday. The line was 8 hours long. I went early Saturday morning was 8th in line and 3 hours walked out with a my 3G iPhone. My activation only took about 5 seconds though. By the way the new Twitter photo is scary. I can’t decide if you look like a deranged trucker or …no you look like a deranged trucker.

on July 16, 2008

i’m still rockin’ the motorola crazor. it does nothing cool.


on July 21, 2008

haha I hope it is activated soon so you can enjoy your new toy/multimedia/communication device! 😀 I know how you feel in the upgrade a bit…I felt all elated when I got my Palm Treo and rid myself of the obselete Razer! LOL

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