Mind Dump-May 21, 2007

Mind Dump / May 21, 2007

  • Joe McGrew and his frontline team are kicking butt.  They are beginning to take ministry to an entirely new level!
  • I’m going to start praying for God to provide a new place for us to meet.
  • Yesterday might have been the last straw with Starlight’s management.
  • What if we no longer had members at Kinetic, but instead had owners?
  • Greg Baty is a great discussion leader in my small group, and my small group is amazing.
  • I hate when I’m convicted by my own messages.
  • Our bass player on Sunday had never played bass onstage before. He fooled me.
  • Matt Damon sounds creepy in slow motion.
  • Diane Cleland and Beth Eaton are working on cleaning the preschool storage…Finally!
  • I think we found someone to serve on staff as our part-time student minister. (Details coming soon)
  • I can always count on James Eaton to set up the Kinetic Kid’s check-in station.
  • Diet Coke would be a great addition to the cafe cooler
  • Average time for first time guest to be greeted…6 minutes.
  • Sunday’s host ministry team was amazingly invisible!

Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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