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Posted on Feb 14, 2011 | 4 comments

Valentine’s Day Mind Dump

Valentine’s Day Mind Dump

Today, I thought I would to a two-part post. I’ll call it my Valentine’s Day Mind Dump. I hope you enjoy it.

Mind Dump

  • Kinetic is growing…and that feels AMAZING!
  • Somebody keeps stealing our new Kinetic banners from the corner. Seriously? This is the second banner that’s been taken in the past three weeks.
  • This week, parts of our Kinetic Kids ministry will get a small facelift. I can’t wait.
  • The assorted candies in the heart shaped box are the fruit-cake of Valentine’s Day.
  • The song that Daniel introduced this Sunday was awesome! His goal is one new song for the next 18 weeks.
  • Why does never have any answers?
  • The scan feature on the Canon Pixma MP210 Multifunction Print won’t work if you’re out of ink…brilliant.
  • We have almost 30 people signed up for Dave Ramsey. Cool!
  • PC’s don’t like my thumb-drive and that’s bad for our relationship.
  • I fell asleep during the Grammy’s last night. I think it happened during Barbara Streisand.

Valentine’s Day Fun

Today is Valentine’s Day; the day that love is in the air and cupid is busy at work. February 14 could be a day of passion but it could also be of heartbreak and pain.

Two words: BE CAREFUL!


  1. Mosaic had the same problem with the signs, some guy was taking them and putting them in his garage. Weird people!

  2. I was wondering about the signage – absolutely crazy!

  3. How in the world did Mosaic find the guy putting them in his garage?

  4. The guy apparently emailed Naeem – he said “I’m holding your signs hostage, stop putting them up” or something to that effect. Miss you guys! Thanks for writing your blog, its nice to see you back :)