Learning to Believe

Featured / Life / April 5, 2015

I love to meet with people who have no faith and have taken up the challenge of discovering God. Their questions are so real, so raw. I love it. They are learning to believe.

Today, I met with a friend who is a brilliant thinker as well as one of those seekers. Sunday School doesn’t prepare you for questions like these. It was an amazing conversation. He wants to believe, but struggles with unbelief.

I felt a little like a spiritual tour guide; helping him explore the world of my faith. It’s probably the same awkwardness that you might feel when navigating on vacation. Nothing is familiar. Everything is a discovery. Sometimes it’s nice to have a guide or at least a Navigation System. I’m honored to be there.

Our discussion today finally climaxed with this question: How can I reach the point where I finally believe; where I’m absolutely sure?
What a great question. Nobody wants to be duped.

Here’s the answer that I’ve discovered in my experience: faith begets sureness. The more I risk (in the name of faith), the more God provides. The more God provides, the more faith and sureness I have. (it’s that faith and works dichotomy that James talks about)

I pray that God provides more conversations like today.

Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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