Failing to Meet – 3 Ways it erodes your Team’s Health

Church Planting / Leadership / April 16, 2008

Church meetings stink, but unfortunately, the consequences of failing to meet are much worse.

When I planted our church, I vowed that we would care enough about our members to save them the torture of death-by-meeting. So we didn’t meet.

You know what’s worse than meeting? Not meeting.

Over the past three years, I’ve learned that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth meeting about.

Not meeting is incredibly dangerous. When you don’t meet, you threaten the team’s health in three key areas.

Remember those good old church camp days? On Wednesday night you cried, and Thursday, you promised to change the world and save Africa…two weeks later, the vision had “leaked out.”

Here’s why: every two weeks, vision leaks.

If the leader doesn’t recast the team’s vision every two weeks, the team’s entire purpose is at risk.

A team only becomes a team AFTER they have spent time together.

When a team doesn’t meet, it functions as a group of acquaintances doing a job instead of a team of soldiers on a mission. Meetings create margin for relationships to form. When you eliminate the margin, you destroy the team.

Interestingly enough, Carl George tells us that teams (and small groups) must meet a minimum of twice a month to insure strong relationships.

Ever wonder why your team never seems to “get it?” Maybe it’s because they’ve never been trained! When do you want your team to discover and rehearse new skills: in the game or in practice?

Effective team leaders are tenacious about training and helping their team achieve new levels of success. Planned meetings provide opportunities for new skills to be polished and acquired.

Finally, here’s my bottom line: meeting intentionally and regularly (when organized for the purpose of renewed vision, skill development and relationship building) will exponentially increase the effectiveness of your team.

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Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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on April 17, 2008

Do we ever get to a point when vision doesn’t leak or maybe doesn’t leak every stinkin two weeks? If leadership is always having to recast vision doesn’t that mean it isn’t leaking out of them?

Maybe it is leaking because we haven’t fully bought into it yet (for various reasons… ie. selfishness, fear, or being a pain in the butt for no reason whatsoever)? Maybe the leak is there because we are trying to lead instead of follow?

Isn’t casting the vision the same thing as creating momentum? The leadership (dave, daniel, and justin) have to be exhausted by now feeling as though the have to be the constant energy for everything. When do we as followers own the vision as is we came up with it and we begin casting it to everyone around us, so that it never leaks? Is that possible?

Sorry for all the questions marks???????????????????????????????????????????

on April 18, 2008

I think you’ve really hit on something here. As a fellow planter in roughly the same stage of development, I have struggled with this issue. I spent 20 years as a “regular guy” before moving into ministry. I understand that people have lives beyond church. And as the pace of life quickens, it becomes harder and harder to infringe on that time. When you’re in the ministry, church IS your life. When you’re a “regular guy”, it’s a PART of your life. I never wanted our people to think that I would overload them on church requirements. So we have met as infrequently as possible. After reading this post, I’m beginning to sense in my spirit that that may be the cause of some of our own challenges. It just seems to resonate with me. It’s as if the more we meet, the more we want to because the vision, the mission gets under our skin. Without all the meetings (or at least regular meetings) perhaps we have unintentionally communicated a lack of importance.

You’ve given me some real thoughts to wrestle with here. Thanks for the post. Continuing to wish you well and pray for your strength,

Mark Doebler
Coach Mark

on April 27, 2008

Real briefly, unrelated to your article, but I had to say something because of the impact you have had. I know it isn’t much coming from me because you don’t know me very well, BUT I just wanted to let you know how much Nicole and I really appreciate you. For whatever it’s worth. I’ve really been trying to let people know how much I appreciate them lately. But you especially, Dave, don’t know the impact you’ve had on my life. You mentioned today at the scoop meeting that a lot of people came because people talked to them. Well, I stayed because of the HEART of Kinetic. Justin and I talked about how you attract people to you who are like you. Because of that, I believe Kinetic is what it is(which is saying a lot). All I have seen in the church God created at Kinetic is a genuine love for people. But more importantly a genuine love to worship and integrate God and Jesus into their lives. I grew up in a church disconnected from reality. Church on Sundays, whatever the rest. And as I’ve struggled to find my own worth, I found Kinetic. I just wanted you to let you know you are playing a pivotal moment in my life as well as you have with Nicole. Whether I ever get to know you that well or not, you’ve played a huge part in my life. More than I could express, which is why I had to write it down somewhere.
Just wanted to let you know. Like I said for whatever it’s worth. See you Thursday. Maybe Tuesday? Idk, whenever we’re doing the thing.

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