A 1977 Version of Daniel

Creativity / Featured / September 16, 2008

Here’s Daniel Hodges as a 1977 worship leader:

(Be sure to note the energetic and engaging stage movement.)

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Dave Milam
Dave Milam is a pastor, communicator and the founder of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a a gifted communicator Dave's right brained style of delivery helps his listener connect and remember God's truth in a uniquely visual way. Connect with Dave on Google+

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Mixed Emotions


on September 16, 2008

That is HYSTERICAL. I can totally see it.

on September 18, 2008

Totally Rock-o-licious!!
That bass lick in the middle is soooweet!!

on September 19, 2008

I am going to pass this on to Ryan, I need him to blossom into this.

on September 23, 2008

While that video is hilarious (I mean c’mon, I do have a sense of humor!), it is really sad. That is how so many people view followers of Christ! Granted, this is from 1977, but I know a good deal of people who are shocked that I am a Christian and not this corny.

on September 24, 2008

Hilarious!!! Where do you find this stuff??? Reminds me of the “Come Alive” group that came to my hometown in the 70’s (matching outfits and all)! However, kudos must be given…these guys and people like them ushered in modern Christian music! You know someone was having a heart attack that they were using “rock music.”

on October 16, 2008

and he’ll zap you anyway he can!


haha, are you serious?…awesome.

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