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A Scavenger Hunt Remix

Last week I discovered a modern scavenger hunt remix after scrabbling to recover from a rained-out 16th...

By Dave / August 7, 2014

The Ultimate Beach Playlist

I decided to create the Ultimate Beach Playlist to enhance the smell of salty air and waves crashing...

By Dave / July 12, 2014

Louis Zamperini dies at 97

The biography of Louis Zamperini, a 5,000 meter 1936 Berlin Olympic runner trapped in a Japanese concentration...

By Dave / July 7, 2014

Why is The Church Trending Downward?

This morning, over a cup of coffee, I stumbled on to Google's Trends to see what the world has been...

By Dave / June 11, 2014

5 Ways to Regain Emotional Balance

Let's be honest. Sometimes even the smallest setback can leave you struggling to regain emotional...

By Dave / June 6, 2014

How to Get a Song Out of Your Head

After performing extensive testing, my research uncovered several highly effective ways to get a song...

By Dave / May 23, 2014


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